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If you are unfamiliar with Trust Deed investing, we hope that this will be your the first step toward participation in one of the safest and most profitable vehicles, for investing your money, which also requires the least amount of effort on your part.

As you and I know, Lending has always been the one of the most profitable endeavors since the beginnings of Commerce. Bankers have perfected this process as is evident in their successes. They sell you their CD’s at 2-3%, and turn around and lend your money back out at 15-20%. Our Trust Deed Notes, present you the opportunity to bypass the Bank (middleman) and safely lend your funds directly to the consumer (end-user) with the prospect to potentially quadruple your earnings.

Right now is the opportune time for Investors, such as you, to take advantage of the void created by the liquidity crisis in the mortgage lending industry. As various lenders have shut their doors, the unfulfilled demand for mortgage financing is immense and at an all-time high. This presents an opportunity for you, as an Investor to become the “Bank” and earn turnkey, fully-secured, double digit interest income.

With over 25 years of Private Party mortgage lending experience, PacShores Mortgage Inc. and its staff are poised to provide you with all the support necessary for seizing upon this unique earnings opportunity. Through our “Fractionalized Lending Program” all you need is a minimum investment of $25,000.00 to get started.

Whether you are new to Trust Deed investing or a seasoned professional, our primary objective is to provide you with the right platform and data, to help you understand, evaluate and ultimately make the right investment decisions to begin earning double digit returns on your principal, with the lowest possible exposure to potential risks.

Here is how we have done this:

  • Restricting our loans to no more than 50% of the Appraised value of the collateralizing property.
  • Using HVCC compliant, Licensed and Bonded Appraisers for all asset valuations.
  • Securing ALTA Title Insurance Policies for all notes offered for investments.
  • Providing expert management facilities to make sure that all interest payments are collected and paid timely to all investors, and to ensure maximum collection effort and asset liquidation in the event of a default, as is possible among a limited percentage of our Notes.

The Pros

  • Superior Security of Principal
  • Fixed Double Digit Rate of Return
  • No Broker Commissions
  • No Management Fees
  • No Margin Calls
  • Long or Short Term, Self Managed Plan.
  • ITurnkey; no Exhaustive Research
  • RS Approved for IRA Funds
  • Affordable Liquidity with Monthly Interest Disbursements

The Cons

  • Investment terms subject to termination in the event of the Sale of the collateral Property.
  • Suspension of Interest Payments will occur in the event of a default by the Trustor of the Note.
  • Minor infusion of additional capital may be necessary in order to enforce the foreclosure provisions of the Note.

To get started, please take a minute to fill out the brief form, to receive a free copy of our Guide to Trust Deed investments. You will then be contacted by one of our Investment Counselors, that will be able to provide you additional Information regarding the various Investment opportunities that we currently have available, and also answer any questions you may have.




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Client Testimonials

Thanks PacShores for coming through for me in the nick of time. After our Parents passed away and left the small apartment units that I was living in to me and my two siblings, they needed to get out their portion of the inheritance and were determined to force me to sell the units. I needed to keep the property for my family and avoid selling in such a down Market. My Income was low and the Banks refused to accepts the Rental Income from the other Tenants and to approve my loan. It wasn’t a problem when I contacted PacShores, they funded my loan in no time, paid off my siblings, hassle free, and I am very glad I found them.

Tony – Orange, California


I took over some Apartments that my Dad owned and had been renting out over the years. Some of the tenants had been there for 10 years and more, the Properties have gotten in disrepair, and the County had also filed substandard violation Liens on the Properties. All the Lenders that I had applied to for a Cash-Out Loan, turn down my application due to the condition of the Properties. With the help of the Loan Officers at PacShores, we were able to customize a loan for me that set aside funds to complete the needed repairs, and clear up all the Substandard Notices and Liens on the Properties, and the extra cash that I needed.

Tracy – Los Angeles, California


Hi, I am Real Estate Broker, and Short Sale specialist, and I had very well qualified Buyer with almost 50% cash down payment, under contract on a highly discounted Investment Property purchase. After 3 weeks of getting the runaround with their Bank including my regular Lenders that I normally use, I was convinced they would lose out on this great deal. Luckily an associate referred me to PacShores Mortgage, and within 24 hours they drove buy the property, and had Closing Documents in Escrow by the third day and funded the loan right after. They saved this deal for us. I couldn’t thank them enough and would use and recommend them to all my associates in the future.

Javier – West Covina


Hello, our Credit Scores had become so low after we went through a Loan Modification process and Short Sale on our previous house. Thereafter, we couldn’t find a Bank willing to consider us for a new Home Loan, even though we had substantial funds for a Down Payment. The folks at PacShores Mortgage were very understanding and glad to review and approve our loan application. Thanks to them, we are proud owners of a new, more affordable four Bedroom house again.

Susan – Fresno, California


My wife and I own a successful and profitable Business, and also own a number of Rental Units. Due to the Freeze in Bank Lending we decided to refinance one of the Rental Units we own outright, to access the credit we need to efficiently run our Business. Unfortunately due to the write-offs we show on our Tax Forms, the Banks we contacted were misreading our Income and cash flow and declined to approve our loan application. Our experience was different at PacShores, the easily identified our true Income and approved our loan promptly, and we didn’t even need to provide them any Tax Returns.

Cindy – San Diego, California